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Tuesday afternoon we drove to Clayton, GA and camped in adirondack shelters at Boy Scout Camp Rainey Mountain.  It looked like a well-maintained camp; the campsite assigned for our use was very nice and the buildings were in excellent condition.  Unfortunately, we didn't have as much time to wander the camp as we would have liked.  It was already dark when we arrived, so getting settled in and preparing dinner were our primary concerns.

We had engaged an outfitter located only a few miles from the camp and spent all day Wednesday rafting on the Chattooga River, returning to Camp Rainey Mountain for Wednesday night.  Though the water temperature was in the 40's, the outfitter provided wet suits for everyone and we stayed reasonably warm and comfortable.  We rafted for a couple of hours in the morning, had lunch on the riverbank, then rafted another couple of hours during the afternoon.  Our trip featured mostly class 2 and class 3 rapids, but we still managed to have a few guys go overboard!  No one was injured, and there is some doubt as to whether the swimmers actually fell overboard or left the rafts intentionally.  Surely no teenage boy would ever fall out on purpose?  (Uh-huh.  Right.)

We returned to Camp Rainey Mountain late Wednesday afternoon.  A couple of scouts and two scoutmasters made a grocery run into Clayton while everyone else showered and got the cooking fire ready.  No one even suggested having a campfire program!  On Thursday we had another long day on the road as we crossed the Smokey Mountains on our way home. 

These are some of the adirondack shelters in our assigned campsite at Camp Rainey Mountain. Stephen (foreground) and Tim prepare to make french toast for breakfast.
(L to R) Clinton, Chris (face barely visible), Joe, Tim, Patrick, Stephen, and Tyler.   Judging from the looks on the faces of Mr. Davis, Trey, and Mr. Brown, meal preparation isn't moving along quite fast enough.
The troop's youngest scout, Chris, (at right) seems to be in good company with Eagle Scouts Paul (left) and Dave (center). The colors are hoisted, the dishes are washed, the fire is extinguished, and the troop is off to go whitewater rafting. 
(L to R) Mr. Brown, Mr. Meek, Mr. Davis, Patrick, Tyler, Dave, Chris, Joe, Clinton, Tim, Trey, Stephen, Mr. Guzman, Mr. Guelda, and Mr. Vissers.  (And thanks to the guy from Florida who took the photo!) Before we get near the water, there's always the obligatory safety talk conducted by one of the guides.
Not wanting to risk losing him, the group encourages the guide to be sure Tim's vest is on nice and snug. Excuse me ... what do you mean it's 1/4 mile to the river and we have to carry the boats???  Who booked this tour, anyway?
And we're off ... We're going though here?  OK, let's go! 
This would be the first group that includes Trey and Tim (in front of raft) and Mr. Guelda (in the middle wearing blue). Group 2:  Mr. Meek and Mr. Guzman in the middle, Tyler and Patrick in front.  Anybody else wonder what the guide is grinning about?
And here comes the raft with Dave, Joe, Mr. Davis, and two guides. And there goes the raft with Dave, Mr. Davis, and the two guides.
Hey!  Does anybody know what happened to Joe?

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