Troop 868 in Action
(Friday~Sunday, January 25~27, 2013)

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One of the favorite things most of the Webelos enjoy about the weekend is the opportunity to help cook meals for the group in a commercial kitchen.  Saturday night's dinner was "Thanksgiving dinner" complete with turkey, dressing, and all the other usual trimmings.  Another favorite activity we do on this particular outing is a Saturday night campfire program followed by a "Night Hike." 

On Sunday morning the group gathered for worship, just as Troop 868 does everytime we camp over on a Saturday night.

Preston had to stick his nose close and give one of the turkeys a sniff before it went into the oven. Scoutmaster Meek showing one of the Webelos how to use an industrial sized can opener to open up the canned yams.
Webelos Tony seemed to enjoy cooking stuffing for 60 people.  After several hours of baking, the turkeys came out of the ovens looking good and smelling GREAT!
Chefs Kevin, Martin, Andrew, Micah, and Ronnie (distracted) gathered for a photo with the turkeys before they were sliced. Scoutmaster Meek showed the boys how to slice a turkey as Pack Committee Chairman Tom Gordon snapped photos.
After the meal, the boys also got to do the cleanup.  But nobody minded.  In fact, scouts like Thomas and James seemed to really enjoy running the dishwasher. Rhys got sink duty for the bigger pans that wouldn't fit into the dishwasher and the stuff that was just easier to wash by hand.
It was already dark outside as Webelos lined up and were given instructions to go back to the dormitory to bundle up warmly for an outdoor campfire program followed by a night hike. Scouts standing around the warm fire after the skits had all been performed and Scoutmaster Meek had told one of his usual "short" campfire stories.
As scouts gathered for Sunday morning worship, Nicholas helped one of the Webelos adjust his neckerchief and collar. When everyone was assembled, Troop Chaplain Aide Noah prepared to open the service with prayer.
On this particular Sunday morning, Scoutmaster Meek preached the sermon. In what looks like a natural waterfall, the Nolin River flows over the dam that was originally built to create water pressure for the grist mill that once stood in this spot.  The foundation stones are visible on the left.
Webelos Thomas and James helped cook pizza for Sunday lunch.  The crust got a little toasted in the convection oven, but the boys still loved it. After the truck is loaded, we took a group photo before everyone walked to the bus for the ride home.