Troop 868 in Action
(Friday~Sunday, January 25~27, 2013)

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Throughout the morning and afternoon on Saturday, different Boy Scouts worked individually or in teams to help both Webelos and our younger scouts with all different kinds of scout advancement.  Most sessions lasted 45 minutes to an hour.  Different patrols took turns fixing the meals and cleaning up.  The Webelos were constantly with the Boy Scouts. 

When they weren't teaching a class, the Boy Scouts had time to work on their personal advancement by sitting down to talk with one of the scoutmasters about merit badges or for a Scoutmaster Conference.  There was also some free time for the guys to just play around and be boys.

Andrew had these guys outside learning to setup one of the troop's canvas wall tents.  Dennis and Thomas are facing the camera. After they got the tent up, they then needed to learn how to adjust it by raising the poles to the correct height and tightening the guy lines.
Thomas used an overhead projector to talk to these guys about the different parts of the Scout Badge. Brixton found time to "chill out" on Saturday afternoon and sit by the fire built during the fire-building class. 
Saturday lunch consisted of Chicken Noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  It hit the spot on a cold January day. Preston and Nicholas doing map reading with Matthew, Matthew, Kenneth, and Tony.
Nicholas discussing First Aid with Kevin, Martin, and Micah.  Ronnie is evidently tired of sitting and chose to stand. Assistant Scoutmasters Hagerman and Guzman do a Scoutmaster Conference for rank advancement with Noah.
While waiting for dinner to be served, Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman discusses some merit badge requirements with Preston. Andrew, Noah, Tony, and James all seem to be fans of the University of Louisville Cardinals.  Good choice since the Cards ended up winning the NCAA basketball tournament to become the 2013 National Champions.
Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Jacobs explaining something to Gavin.  With this group, one can only wonder what was going on.