Troop 868 in Action
White Mills Christian Camp w/ Webelos
(January 13~15, 2012)

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When they weren't busy doing something with the Webelos, Dylan and Andrew found time to work on their own advancement with Beaver Patrol Leader Nicholas. Late afternoon when classes ended, scouts had some free time.  Some chose to play on the playground.
Others choose to play carpet pool. And others choose to play tetherball.
A few went exploring to visit the site of the mill (no longer standing) and see the waterfall. John, Shawn, and Dylan were part of the kitchen crew for dinner.  Here they put butter on rolls before baking them.
Assistant Scoutmaster Moore showed some boys how to weave. This group played a card game.
The group fell into formation for an evening flag ceremony before dinner. Chaplain Aide Tristan offered prayer for the evening meal.
These scouts and leaders sat around talking after Sunday morning breakfast.   Everyone gathered for a Sunday morning worship service.  Scoutmaster Meek delivered the message and used some artwork to illustrate the points he wanted to make.
The whole group lined up on the steps of the main lodge for a group photo. And gathered for a second group photo around the camp's sign.
Few Troop 868 outings are complete without some kind of a history lesson from Scoutmaster Meek.  On this occasion, it was an explanation of how water-powered grist mills worked using the millstones that decorated the front lawn of the lodge as examples of the tools and technology that were used.

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