Troop 868 in Action
White Mills Christian Camp w/ Webelos
(January 13~15, 2012)

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This group went outside with Patrol Leader Kraig and Troop Quartermaster Tyler to learn how to set up a canvas wall tent. They had the tent up in no time.  Then they took it down and practiced setting it up again!
After the morning classes, this patrol had lunch preparation duty.  Scoutmaster Meek showed them how to use a commercial can opener. Some of the boys set about buttering bread to make grilled cheese sandwiches.
This group of Webelos enjoyed using the big can opener to open cans of soup. The seating arrangements in the dining room were changed at every meal to encourage boys to get to know different people.
As was the case at all the meals, the cooks did the serving. After lunch, it was time to rotate classes.  
These Webelos learned to time some Boy Scout knots with Eagle Scout Adam. Bearver Patrol Leader Nicholas taught a class in flag respect that included practice on how to hoist and lower a flag on a pole.
Falcon Patrol Leader Connor had a group of scouts learning to build a fire.  Due to a recent snow, most of the wood was damp. Brixton and Tristan found enough snow to construct a small snowman.
Assistant Scoutmaster Moore brought along a weaving jig and wove bracelets out of parachute shock cord.  By the end of the weekend he had many of the boys interested in weaving. Classes rotated about every 90 minutes, so that every Webelos would get to take every class before the end of the weekend.  Here Adam had another group of Webelos learning their knots.

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