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WHITE MILLS w/ WEBELOS (January 2007)

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Learning to use a compass seems to be another interesting activity for both Webelos and Boy Scouts. In this team-building game, participants were "handicapped" by having to wear certain objects and losing certain abilities.
Despite their handicaps, scouts had to pass "stepping stones" to cross the alligator infested swamp. The baseball gloves indicate that John has lost use of his hands.
The weekend also included free time for board games.  Philip and Nick engaged in a game of chess. Troop 868 always eats well, but the traditional "Thanksgiving feast" on Saturday night at White Mills is especially tasty.
(L to R) Mr. David Meek, Patrick, Trey, John, and Stephen. (L to R) Stephen, Tim, Alex, and Mr. Chuck Davis.
The indoor campfire program on Saturday night included a slide show of past troop outings. After packing up on Sunday, there was still time for a quick game of basketball on the outdoor court.

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