Troop 868 in Action
(April 3~6, 2011)
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Scouts spent the day on Tuesday working on various advancement requirements and/or  hiking around and exploring Camp Rainey Mountain to check it out as a potential summer camp destination.  There was a lot of new construction going on ... some new buildings being built and a second swimming dock being added to the camp's lake.  The lake had been nearly drained to allow for construction of the new dock.  The camp had a beautiful amphitheatre made of stone and the facilities in general were very nice.  There were several combination bath/shower houses located near the campsites and more than half the sites featured either cabins or adirondack-style shelters.  The only negative we observed was a lot of evidence of vandalism ... writing on the walls of the shelters, ripped or missing screens from cabin windows, missing or broken doors ... stuff that indicated campers hadn't shown much respect for the property.  It was kind of sad to find that kind of abuse at a Boy Scout camp.  Most of the newer campsites had limited electricity --- an outlet or two, probably there for campers who needed power for medical equipment.

The only other unit in camp was a local Venture Crew.  We didn't even know they were there until a delegation of their members showed up at our campsite as we were finishing dinner on Tuesday night and invited us to participate in a joint campfire program at the amphitheatre.  We accepted their offer.   

We packed up and departed camp by mid-morning on Wednesday in hopes of getting back home by late afternoon.  That didn't happen, but we did get back early enough for everyone to have a late dinner with their families.  It had been another successful spring break trip.

This view of (the nearly drained) Lake Toccoa at Camp Rainey Mountain shows the new swimming dock being contructed. A view from the upper row of the amphitheatre on the other side of the lake shows the two large stone fire circles and the old (existing) swimming pier.
A closer view of the amphitheatre really doesn't capture the size or the beauty of the structure, which is made entirely of stone.  Nicholas, Chase, Scoutmaster Bob Meek, Toby, Brixton, and ASM Tom Jacobs atop a rock formation near our campsite.
This is not the campsite that we used, but is fairly typical of the campsites at Camp Rainey Mountain.  Each shelter sleeps 4~6 people.  The shelter styles vary between campsites as the camp has experimented with different designs over the years. The terrain is hilly but the camp is fairly compact.  Several creeks run through the camp.  Assistant Scoutmasters Mike Canchola and Tom Jacobs sat on a bridge that spanned one of the larger creeks.  A waterfall is in the foreground.
Preston having fun burning some paper garbage. A couple of scouts working on the First Aid merit badge use ASM Canchola to demonstrate a two-man carry. 
Assistant Scoutmasters Mike Canchola and Jeff Hagerman having fun scrubbing a pot that hadn't been very well soaped. We camped in the Alto Campsite.  Before departing on Wednesday morning, scouts posed in front of the campsite sign.

As we departed Camp Rainey Mountain, we got off the bus and posed for a photo by the camp's sign.

Anxious to get home, Wednesday's lunch consisted of peanut butter sandwiches eaten at a highway rest stop.

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