Troop 868 in Action
(April 3~6, 2011)
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We spent the entire day Monday rafting then doing the zip-line course.  We got to Camp Rainey Mountain late afternoon and set about preparing dinner.  After eating, everyone was dead tired and ready for bed.   It had been in the mid-60s on Monday but a cold front moved in overnight bringing strong winds and rain.  It was 23 degrees on Tuesday morning.  The rain had ended, but Tuesday's high only reached into the mid-40's.  We had definitely chosen to go rafting on the better day!

That would be Nick (aka "Human Monkey") Kraig.
AAAAHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!  (says Adam) Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Canchola.
Nicholas. And down we come!
Mr. Jacobs demonstrates how it should be done ... and makes it look easy. Chase demonstrates how NOT to do it ... and makes it look wet!
Brixton. Nick glides on in for what looks to be a perfect landing.
Spencer. And, yes, with our group it IS possible to have a traffic jam on a zip-line!  Come on, Preston, move it out of the way!
Front row:  Nicholas, Toby, Brixton, and Kraig.
Middle row:  Preston, Spencer, Adam, Dylan, Nick, and Chase.
Back row:  ASM Jeff Hagerman, ASM Mike Canchola, Scoutmaster Bob Meek, and ASM Tom Jacobs.
And, of course, the rangers who guided both our groups and kept us safe.

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