Troop 868 in Action
(April 3~6, 2011)
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Wildwater, Ltd. supplied everything we needed, including wetsuits.  We really lucked out on the weather because the day was sunny and warm, but the water temperature was still pretty cold and the wetsuits made the trip that much more comfortable --- especially for those who left the rafts at various times to take unplanned swims!

Section IV of the river consisted of Class III and Class IV rapids in close succession.  The entire trip was one set of rapids after another.  The outfitter provided lunch as part of the package and it was surprisingly good.  When we got back to the Wildwater outpost after our float, there were showers with plenty of hot water and everyone was able to clean up.

Okay ... everybody lean in ... See, guys, nothing to it!
Ready for the next one ... I hate to complain, but does this strike anyone else as not being good?
Relax, boys, we're gonna show those other guys how to do it right. All we've got to do is get past this first gentle drop ...
And now we're on our way! Whatever you, just maintain your balance ...
Excuse me, but does anyone notice that big rock just ahead?  Who's steering this thing? Experienced guides know when it's time to leave the boat!
Thanks to Gilligan, the professor, and the courage of the fearless crew, the S.S. Minnow was not lost. What's the matter with those other guys?  That was easy!

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