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Scenes From Various Weekly Troop Meetings

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Weekly troop meetings are used to teach and practice basic scout skills, work on merit badges, and prepare for weekend outings.  Meeting programs are planned by the Patrol Leader's Council.  The program part of the meeting centers either on a merit badge (led by an adult counselor) or a scout skill (usually led by experienced scouts).  When weather permits, the troop may be outdoors for at least part of the meeting.  On special occasions, the group may even take a field trip.

At this meeting, the scouts are learning to start fires using flint and steel rather than matches.  The troop then went on a weekend campout where no matches were permitted.  (Lighters are always prohibited in our troop.)  
After miles of travel on dusty (often gravel or dirt) camp roads, the troop bus can get pretty dirty.  This summertime meeting featured a bus washing party where everyone pitched in to make the old bus shine like new.  (Well, maybe not new ... but afterward we could see that it was yellow!)
At this meeting, Life scouts Nick and Jon are co-teaching skills for wilderness survival and preparing the rest of the troop to work on some requirements for that merit badge during an upcoming weekend campout.
The concept of older scouts teaching younger boys is central to the Boy Scouting program.  The younger scouts have listened to adult teachers all day in school and would much rather listen to boys closer to their own age.  At the same time, teaching gives the older boys experience in public speaking and managing (leading) a group of people.  It's a win-win situation.
For this troop meeting, the group was working on earning the Golf Merit Badge and a field trip to visit a driving range was an appropriate activity.
Here the troop is visiting the local office of the National Weather Service in fulfillment of one of the requirements to earn the Weather Merit Badge. 
A professional carpenter came to several troop meetings and worked with the boys on the Carpentry Merit Badge.  At this particular meeting, the boys are learning how to lay and nail roofing shingles.   

At this meeting, the entire troop is working on the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge.  Scoutmaster Meek is talking about the early days of Boy Scouting in the United States.
After instruction on the proper way to perform CPR, scouts divided into groups and practiced on manikins borrowed from the Shepherdsville Red Cross.

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