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The woods is our classroom.

The commonly quoted tag lines above are accurate descriptions of a successful, active troop.  The following pages include a sampling of photos from nearly all Boy Scout Troop 868 outings since the troop's founding (as Troop 848) in January 1999.  For detailed information about the troop's history and operating philosophy, visit the About Troop 868 page on this site.

Please note that most of the following pages contain numerous photos and may take several minutes to download via modem.

Weekly Troop Meetings

Video Game Night (Dec 2013)

Light Up Shepherdsville Christmas Parade (Dec 2013)

Uspiritus Thanksgiving Service Project (Nov 2013)

Scouting for Food (Nov 2013)

German Ridge Trail (Nov 2013)

Pancake Breakfast (Oct 2013)

Camp Michaels (October 2013)

Downs Syndrome Walk (October 2013)

Fishing Derby (September 2013)

Trashmasters' Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2013)

Candy Bar Blitz (September 2013)

D.A.R. Flag Ceremony (August 2013)

Star Mills Camping & Canoe Trip (August 2013)

Bike Hike (July 2013)

Camp Frontier (Summer Camp Trip June 2013)

Camp Wildcat Hollow (May 2013)

Plant Sale (May 2013)

Okolona Little League Parade (April 2013)

NASA (April 2013)

Camp Boxwell (March 2013)

KidsFest (March 2013)

Merit Badge University (Feb 2013)

Camp McKee (Feb 2013)

Candy Bar Blitz (Feb 2013)

White Mills (Jan 2013)

Scouting for Food (Nov 2012)

Camp Michaels (Nov 2012)

Pancake Breakfast (Oct 2012)

Backpacking in the Deam Wilderness Area (Oct 2012)

Downs Syndrome Walk/Run (Oct 2012)

Cub Scout Fishing Derby (September 2012)

Trashmasters' Classic (September 2012)

Candy Bar Blitz (September 2012)

Camp Ransburg (August 2012)

Eagle Scout Service Project (July 2012)

Holiday World (July 2012) [no photos]

Summer Camp @ Camp Ockanickon (June 2012)

Camp Rotary (May 2012)

Plant Sale (May 2012)

CampCards Sale (April~May 2012)

Little League Parade (April 2012)

Land Between the Lakes (April 2012)

Camp Louis Ernst (March 2012)

KidsFest (March 2012)

Merit Badge University (Feb 2012)

Camp Belzer Cabin Camping (Feb 2012)

Candy Bar Blitz (Feb 2012)

White Mills Cabin Camping w/Webelos (Jan 2012)

American Heritage Trail (Dec 2011)

Scouting for Food (Nov 2011)

Basic Scouting Campout (Nov 2011)

Knobstone Trail Backpacking (Oct 2011)

Downs Syndrome Walk/Run (Oct 2011)

Cub Scout Fishing Derby (Oct 2011)

Color Guard for Patriotic Music Show (Sept 2011)

Lakeshore Cleanup (September 2011)

Candy Bar Sale (September 2011)

Camp Cricket Holler & the Air Force Museum (Aug 2011)

Golf Merit Badge (July 2011)

NYLT (July 2011)

Knobstone Trail Backpacking (July 2011)

Summer Camp @ Camp Buck Toms (June 2011)

Cub Pack 868 Flag Sale (May 2011)

Old Ben Scout Reservation (May 2011)

Annual Plant Sale (May 2011)

Okolona Little League Parade (April 2011)

Whitewater Rafting (Spring Break, April 2011)

Nathan McClure Trail (March 2011)

KidsFest (March 2011)

Merit Badge University (February 2011)

Camp McKee (February 2011)

Candy Bar Sale (February 2011)

Camp Rotary with Webelos (Jan 2011)

German Ridge Trail (December 2010)

Scouting for Food (November 2010)

Basic Scouting Campout (November 2010)

Centennial Jamboree (October 2010)

Downs Syndrome Walk/Run (October 2010)

Trashmasters' Classic (September 2010)

Candy Bar Blitz (September 2010)

Papa John's Pizza Fundraising (Fall 2010)

Barren River Scout Celebration (August 2010)

Golf Merit Badge (August 2010)

Camp Sawmill (summer camp, July 2010)

Siltstone Trail (June 2010)

Flag Sale w/ Pack 868 (May~June 2010)

Boxwell Scout Reservation (May 2010)

Annual Plant Sale (May 2010)

Cub Scout Fishing Derby (April 2010)

Wildcat Hollow (Spring Break, April 2010)

Okolona Little League Parade (April 2010)

Ransburg Scout Reservation (March 2010)

Bullitt County KidsFest (March 2010)

Merit Badge University (February 2010)

Camp McKee (February 2010)

Candy Bar Blitz (February 2010)

Camp Rotary (January 2010)

Laser Blaze (December, 2009) [no photos]

Birdseye Trail (December 2009)

Scouting for Food (November 2009)

Mischa Mokwa Trail (November 2009)

Cub World & Seven Arrows Trail (October 2009)

Papa John's Pizza Fundraising (Fall 2009)

Downs Syndrome Walk/Run (Oct 2009)

"Basic Scouting" at Camp Rotary (Sept 2009)

Trashmasters Classic Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2009)

Candy Bar Blitz (September 2009)

Barren River Scout Celebration (Aug 2009)

Flag Ceremony @ Zappos.com (August 2009)

Blastin' Down Buckman Street (August 2009)

Golf Merit Badge (July 2009)

Horseshoe Scout Reservation (Summer Camp 2009)

Camp Ernst (May 2009)

Annual Plant Sale (May 2009)

Fishing Derby (April 2009)

NASA (Spring Break Trip 2009)

Scout-O-Rama (March 2009)

Mogan Ridge Trail (March 2009)

KidsFest (March 2009)

Merit Badge University (February 2009)

Camp Michaels (February 2009)

Candy Bar Blitz (February 2009)

Camp Rotary (January 2009)

German Ridge Trail (December 2008)

Scouting for Food (November 2008)

Camp Friedlander (October 2008)

Selling Papa John's Pizza (Fall 2008)

Trashmasters Classic Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2008)

Candy Bar Blitz (September 2008)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (Aug 2008)

Blastin' Down Buckman Street (Aug 2008)

Philmont Scout Ranch (July 2008)

Summer Camp @ Camp Daniel Boone (June 2008)

Patton Museum @ Fort Knox (June 2008)

9th Annual Plant Sale (May 2008)

Fishing Derby for Cub Scouts (April 2008)

Green River Canoe Trip (Spring Break, April 2008)

KidsFest & Little League Parade (April 2008)

Scout-O-Rama (March 2008)

Bear Wallow/Yellowwood Trail (March 2008)

Merit Badge University (February 2008)

Camp Belzer (February 2008)

Candy Bar Blitz (February 2008)

Winter Cabin Camping @ White Mills (Jan 2008)

Game Night Lock-In (Dec 2007)

Birdseye Trail (December 2007)

Scouting for Food (November 2007)

Knobstone Trail (November 2007)

Papa John's Pizza Fundraising (Fall, 2007)

Old Ben Scout Reservation (Oct 2007)

Downs Syndrome Buddy Walk (Oct 2007)

Trashmasters' Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2007)

Candy Bar Blitz (September 2007)

Tree Trimming Service Project (August 2007)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August 2007)

"Fun" Outing to Holiday World (July 2007)

Summer Camp @ Owasippe Scout Reservation (June 2007)

Siltstone Trail (June 2007)

Crusade for Children (May/June 2007)

Davis Farm Campout (May 2007)

Community Service Projects (May 2007)

8th Annual Plant Sale (May 2007)

Fishing Derby with Pack 848 (April 2007)

SCOUT-O-RAMA (March 2007)

Air Force Museum (March 2007)

KidsFest (March 2007)

Merit Badge University (Feb 2007)

Winter Camping @ Tunnel Mill (Feb 2007)

Candy Bar Blitz (February 2007)

Webelos Winter Campout @ White Mills (Jan 2007)

Community Center Project (July~Dec 2006)

Scouting for Food (Nov 2006)

Mischa Mokwa Trail (October 2006)

Government Center Dedication (October 2006)

Cub World & Seven Arrows Trail (October 2006)

TrashMaster's Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2006)

Candy Bar Blitz (Sept 2006)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August 2006)

Summer Camp @ Resica Falls (July 2006)

Spine Association Picnic (June 2006)

Camp McKee (May 2006)

Crusade for Children (May 2006)

Highway Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (May 2006)

7th Annual Plant Sale (May 2006)

Fishing Derby with Pack 848 (April 2006)

Okolona Little League Parade (April 2006)

Land Between the Lakes (April 2006)

Scout-O-Rama (April 2006)

Old Ben Scout Reservation (March 2006) [No photos]

KidsFest (March 2006)

Merit Badge University (Feb 2006)

Davis Farm Cabin Camping (Feb 2006)

Candy Bar Blitz (February 2006)

Camp Stem with area Webelos (Jan 2006)

Mammoth Cave (December 2005)

Lazer Blaze (December 2005) [no photos]

Mogan Ridge West Trail (December 2005)

Scouting For Food (November 2005)

Knobstone Trail (October 2005)

Troop JLT @ Camp Rotary (October 2005)

Camp Friedlander (October 2005)

Troop Picnic (October 2005)

TrashMaster's Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2005)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August 2005)

Green River Lake (July 2005)

Summer Camp @ Camp Marriott (July 2005)

Young's Creek Trail (May 2005)

6th Annual Plant Sale (May 2005)

Archaeology Dig (April 2005)

Fishing Derby w/ Pack 848 (April 2005)

Wildcat Hollow (April 2005)

Scout-O-Rama (April 2005)

Nathan McClure Trail (March 2005)

KidsFest (March 2005)

Merit Badge University (February 2005)

Camp Rotary (February 2005)

Webelos Winter Campout @ White Mills (Jan 2005)

Bear Wallow & American Heritage Trail (Dec 2004)

Scouting for Food w/ Pack 848 (November 2004)

Camp Friedlander (November 2004)

Camp McKee & Pioneer Mountain Trail (Oct 2004)

TrashMaster's Classic Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2004)

Barren River Campout (August 2004)

Golf Outing (July 2004)

German Ridge Trail (July 2004)

Summer Camp @ Camp Geiger (June 2004)

Seneca District Spring Camporee (May 2004)

Pack 685 Webelos Crossover (May 2004)

5th Annual Plant Sale (May 2004)

Fishing Derby w/ Cub Scout Pack 848 (April 2004)

USS Yorktown, H.L. Hunley, & Rafting (March 2004)

Merit Badge University (February 2004)

Webelos Winter Campout @ White Mills (Jan 2004)

Winter Camping & Nathan McClure Trail (Dec 2003)

Scouting for Food (November 2003)

Young's Creek Trail (November 2003)

USAF Museum & Camp Cricket Holler (October 2003)

Troop Picnic (October 2003)

TrashMaster's Classic Lakeshore Cleanup (Sept 2003)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August 2003)

Summer Camp @ Camp Russell (July 2003)

Camp Rotary (June 2003)

St. Aloysius Parish Picnic (June 2003)

Merit Badge University (June 2003)

Birdseye Trail (May 2003)

4th Annual Plant Sale (May 2003)

Green River Canoe Trip (April 2003)

Scout-O-Rama (March 2003)

YMCA Lock-In for Cub Scouts (March 2003)

Birdseye Trail (March 2003)

Webelos Winter Campout @ White Mills (Jan 2003)

Bowling Party (December 2002) [no photos]

Scouting for Food (November 2002)

Cub World Campout (November 2002)

Seven Arrows Trail (October 2002)

Troop Picnic (October 2002)

Troop Merit Badge University (Sept 2002)

TrashMaster's Classic Lakeshore Clean-Up (Sept 2002)

Summer Court of Honor (August 2002)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August 2002)

Skymont Scout Reservation (July 2002)

Green River Lake Aquatics Weekend (June 2002)

Camp Blue River Ridge & Caving (May 2002)

3rd Annual Plant Sale (May 2002)

Camp McKee & Pioneer Mountain Trail (April 2002)

Merit Badge University (March 2002)

Campout @ Tunnel Mill Reservation (Feb 2002)

Webelos Winter Campout @ White Mills (Jan 2002)

UofL Rauch Planetarium (Dec 2001) [no photos]

Scouting for Food (November 2001)

Knobstone Trail Campout & Hiking (November 2001)

"Basic Scouting" Campout (October 2001)

Troop Picnic (October 2001)

Camp Rotary & Trashmasters' Lakeshore CleanUp (Sept 2001)

Flaget Trail & Annual Planning Meeting (August 2001)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August 2001)

Camp Wolverine, Owasippe Scout Reservation (July 2001)

St. Aloysius Picnic (June 2001)

U.S. Air Force Museum (June 2001)

2nd Annual Plant Sale (May 2001)

Pack 685 Webelos Crossover (April 2001)

Mischa Mokwa Trail (April 2001)

Campout on Pike's Farm (March 2001)

KidsFest (March 2001)

Knobstone Trail (February 2001)

Webelos Winter Campout @ Camp Stem (Jan 2001)

Lazer Blaze (December 2000) [no photos]

Scouting for Food (November 2000) [no photos]

Patriot Games (October 2000)

Court of Honor (August 2000)

Flaget Trail (August 2000)

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August 2000)

"Basic Scouting" Campout (July 2000)

Summer Camp @ Camp Crooked Creek (June 2000)

Camp Wildcat Hollow (May 2000)

Plant Sale (May 2000)

Pack 540 Webelos Crossover (April 2000)

Court of Honor (March 2000)

Nathan McClure Trail (February 2000)

Webelos Campout @ Camp Piomingo (Jan 2000) [no photos]

Battle of Perryville Re-enactment (October 1999)

Barren River Scout Celebration (August 1999) [no photos]

Camp Crooked Creek (June 1999) [no photos]

U.S. Air Force Museum (May 1999)

Camping @ Scout-O-Rama (April 1999) [no photos]

Camp Lowe (February 1999) [no photos]