Troop 868 in Action

(February 2007)

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(L to R) John, Patrick, Trey, Nick, Gabe, Tim, Connor, and Matt pose with the frozen waterfall. If one horseplays on the ice long enough, one does eventually fall down.  And, yes, Tim is wearing shorts!
The view from "inside" or behind the frozen waterfall.  From this side, we could hear and see water flowing through the core. Trey, Tim, Connor, Mr. DiEnno, Matt, and Gabe (standing).  John and Patrick (sitting) can both be partially seen.
Matt displays an icicle nearly as tall as he is.  He subsequently carried the thing all the way back to camp. Saturday night dinner was dutch over meatloaf, but the veggies still had to be cooked over the camp stove.
The Cobra Patrol performs a skit at the Saturday night campfire program. Scouts drained the battery of the troop truck with the interior lights, so we had to jump start it using the troop bus.
One the way out of camp, we stopped to see the water wheel from Tunnel Mill after which the camp is named. (Clockwise from lower left) Trey, John, Connor, Tim, Matt, Nick and Dylan.

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