Troop 868 in Action
Lakeshore Cleanup at Barren River Lake
(September 16~18, 2011)

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On Saturday night, we conducted a campfire program to which we invited the Cub Scouts from Pack 868, fellow Boy Scouts from Troop 600 in nearby Smith's Grove, and some  Girl Scouts from a troop in Valley Station.  All of these units had participated in the lakeshore cleanup and were camping at Bailey's Point.  Each of the groups performed skits and then everyone participated in dignified ceremony to retire a number of worn-out flags at the end of the program.

On Sunday morning, several of these same units joined us for a morning worship service at the campground's amphitheatre.  On the way back to their own campsite, the Cub Scouts from Pack 868 stopped to cross the rope bridge that the Boy Scouts had constructed.

Nicholas and Thomas acting in the Beaver Patrol's skit at the Saturday night campfire program. Kraig, Austin, and Tyler in the Cobra Patrol's skit.
Mr. Baird, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Hagerman, and Mr. Meek even came up with a skit to perform. Scouts respectfully saluted an American flag being retired.
Mr. Meek cooked breakfast for the adults on Sunday morning. Mr. Hagerman and Mr. Jacobs volunteered to do the cleanup.  Here they prepare to steam clean the cast iron griddle.
Mr. Hagerman delivered the message for a Sunday morning worship service in the campground's amphitheatre.  The Troop was joined by Cub Scout Pack 868 for the service.
Noah, Connor, Adam, Spencer, and Mr. Hagerman all took a break for lunch as the troop broke camp on Sunday afternoon. The troop stood in formation and saluted as the flag was lowered just prior to leaving camp. 

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