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(September 2010)

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The troop camped for the weekend at the Bailey's Point public campground.  On Saturday night we conducted a campfire program and invited the Cub Scouts of Pack 868 and the Boy Scouts of Troop 600 (both units were also camping for the weekend at Bailey's Point) to join us.  A professional storyteller happened to be camping nearby with his family.  He came over on Saturday afternoon and offered to tell a few tales if we were planning to have a campfire program.  We readily accepted his offer and he did a great job of spinning some yarns that the scouts will probably remember and talk about for years.  At the end of the campfire program, we retired several tattered American flags.

On Sunday morning, the Cubs from Pack 868 came to our campsite for flag raising and then joined us for Sunday morning worship in the campground amphitheatre.  Our Troop Chaplain Aid had planned the service and Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman brought the morning message.

Following the worship service, it was time to break camp, have lunch, then depart for home.  But we couldn't leave without climbing the tree we always climb when we camp at Bailey's Point!

Nicholas (seated), Chase (standing), and Austin (seated) gathered around the shepherd stove in the Cobra Patrol site. Connor, Thomas, Jon (plaid shirt), Brixton, and Preston in the Falcon Patrol site.
Some of the boys worked on Wilderness Survival MB on Saturday night.  Drew lashed his sleeping bag to a limb and slept in a tree all night --- without falling out! Cub Scouts and leaders from Pack 868 joined us for Sunday morning flag raising before our church service.  Scouts salute the flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
In the Beaver Patrol, Nicholas and Toby work on cooking french toast for Sunday morning breakfast. For the adults, Chef Meek fixed cheese omelets and wheat toast.
Chaplain Aide Preston opened the Sunday morning worship service in the campground amphitheatre. Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman delivered a devotional message comparing the way God watches over us in the same way a silversmith watches over silver being refined. 
After the service, Pack 868 Cub Scouts sifted through the fire ashes hoping to recover the grommets from the flags that had been retired the night before. In the adult patrol, Troop Committee Member Tom Jacobs prepared some delicious Cajun grilled cheese sandwiches (thoroughly blackened).
One of the last things done before Troop 868 departs camp is to fall into formation and lower the colors. Austin and Kraig performed color guard duty.  Senior Patrol Leader Adam presided over the ceremony.
Everytime our troop camps at Bailey's Point, it's a long-standing tradition that the last thing we do before we depart camp is climb the large tree behind campsite B-2.  This visit was no different and a whole bunch of new Cub Scouts from Pack 868 and several new Boy Scouts in Troop 868 were inducted into the fellowship of tree climbers!

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