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On Sunday morning the boys slept a bit later than is usual for our group.  After breakfast, everyone did a good job of working together to get camp taken down and properly stowed onto the troop bus and truck.  There was also time for general horseplay and some tree climbing.

After a late morning worship service conducted by the troop's Chaplain Aide, we had lunch then boarded the bus for the drive home.  The trip back to Shepherdsville even included a surprise stop for ice cream cones!  We arrived back at the Community Center within a few minutes of the scheduled time.  It was a terrific weekend all the way around.

We'd heard of sleep-walking, but sleep-rolling?  Seems that new scout Cody has mastered that skill. Stephen, John, and Gabe ponder the best way to cook breakfast in the Cobra Patrol.
Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman didn't have any complaints about Sunday morning breakfast. Cobra Patrol scouts had their personal gear all packed up and stacked in front of their tents before breakfast.
Quartermaster John cleaned and reorganized the troop truck before gear was re-loaded. Chaplain Aide Alex used the truck bed as a stage for our Sunday morning worship service.
One of the last things done before leaving camp is to retire the colors.  SPL Stephen gets the troop in proper formation. As the colors are lowered, Connor grasps the flag as Jon unfastens the clips.  SPL Stephen is in the background.
Scouts Jon, Connor, and Jon just had to climb the big maple tree one more time before leaving camp. Naturally, Gabe and Alex also had to climb.
And pretty soon almost the whole pack of monkeys was up in the tree.

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