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Back in camp at Bailey's Point on Saturday afternoon, older scouts paired off with younger boys to work on scout advancement.  On Saturday night we conducted a traditional scout campfire program in the campground amphitheatre (that happened to be located near our campsite).  Scoutmaster Meek took a story about the days of sailing ships that scouts will likely not soon forget.

On Sunday morning the boys slept a bit later than is usual for our group.  After breakfast, everyone did a good job of working together to get camp taken down and properly stowed onto the troop bus and truck.  There was also time for general horseplay and some tree climbing.

After a late morning worship service conducted by the troop's Chaplain Aide, we had lunch then boarded the bus for the drive home.  The trip back to Shepherdsville even included a surprise stop for ice cream cones!  We arrived back at the Community Center within a few minutes of the scheduled time.  It was a terrific weekend all the way around.

Cody, Cory, Chase, and Jon all seem rather pleased with themselves for burying Gabe. Work on the giant sand volcano seemed to be a group effort.
Matt doesn't seem to mind being buried. As Cody emerges, he appears to be wondering if this was really such a good idea ... perhaps some sand in tender places???
Chief Engineer John stood with one foot inside the giant volcano as everyone gathered around for a group photo. Yes, this would be Gabe standing inside the volcano.  The next problem was how to get him out?
Cody and Dylan shared Saturday night dish duty in the Falcon Patrol. Meanwhile in the Cobra Patrol, Stephen and Matt seem to be grilling steaks and tin cans for dinner.
Troop Committee Chairman Sam Borquez grilled steaks for the adult patrol. Nick and Collin each played parts in the Falcon Patrol's skit at Saturday night's campfire program.

Scouts seemed to really enjoy roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

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