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CAMP SAWMILL  (H. Roe Bartle S.R.)

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At the historic site, our National Park Service tour guide was an Eagle Scout.  He gave us a great tour and the boys thought it was neat that he was an Eagle.  

The featured animals, of course, were the famous Budweiser Clydesdales.  Truly massive and beautiful draft horses. Preston, D.J., and Gabe pet one of the clydesdales.
What visit to Grant's Farm would be complete without a photo of group members in front of a Budweiser beer wagon?  Here we have D.J., Drew, Gabe, Preston, and Chase. Scoutmaster Bob Meek with scouts Drew, Nicholas, Tyler, Thomas, Nick, Toby, Preston, Adam, Jon, D.J., Gabe, and Chase.
At the elephant show, Nicholas and few other guests volunteered for a balloon blowing contest with an elephant. Wanna guess who won?  (Obviously, the elephant!)
Looking into the tram car area, we see the smiling faces of Thomas, D.J., Preston, and Nicholas. The home where Ulysses Grant's wife was born and grew up.  Grant inherit the farm and eventually retired here. 
The National Park Service Ranger who led our tour was an Eagle Scout from the St. Louis area.  He was as excited to be leading a group of fellow Boy Scouts as we were to meet an Eagle.  He gave us a great tour.
Please don't be offended Preston, but if Mrs. Grant looked anything like this, it's no wonder Ulysses went off to war! Nick finally found the perfect job for Jon!

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