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On Sunday morning we attended worship at the church then headed to a local Shoney's for breakfast.  Sunday mornings are a popular time for people to dine out in St. Louis, but Shoney's was able to accommodate us with only a short wait.  We spent Sunday afternoon visiting Grant's Farm and the adjoining Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site.  The boys enjoyed seeing all the different animals at Grant's Farm and a couple of our scouts even participated in some of the shows.  At the historic site, our National Park Service tour guide was an Eagle Scout.  He gave us a great tour and the boys thought it was neat that he was an Eagle.  

At Shoney's on Sunday morning (L to R): Gabe, Mr. Canchola,  and Tyler. Toby, Nicholas, and D.J.
Grant's Farm featured amazing array of animals, mostly roaming in fields or large enclosures.  Here we see a horse and a zebra. An elephant performed in one of the shows.
Exotic birds. A kangaroo.
Two American bald eagles that had been injured and could no longer fly were in a large, open yard. A large tortoise.
Nearly all the boys visited the goat pen and several purchased bottles of milk to feed the baby goats.  Here we have Tyler. Nicholas, Toby, and Preston.
Chris, Thomas, Spencer, Nick, and Jon. Jon, Nick, and Adam watching the bird show.

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