Troop 868 in Action
(July~December, 2006)

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Scouts Trey (left photo) and Tim (right photo) learned how to connect and install electrical outlets.
Scout Dylan and Asst Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman teamed up to paint a section of concrete wall. Stephen used a brush to trim the edges that couldn't be done with a roller.
There isn't much wall or trim that Asst Scoutmaster Guzman didn't prime, paint, or touch-up at some point during the project. Tim used a screwdriver to chip away excess drywall around one wall box before installing an electrical outlet.
Asst Scoutmaster Tom Guelda installed J-channel for metal sheeting along one wall in the main hall. ASM Tom Guelda and Scoutmaster Bob Meek installed R-19 insulation for both energy efficiency and sound proofing.
Scoutmaster Meek screwed metal sheeting into place. Some places proved to be more difficult to reach than others ... that's SM Meek wedged between the wall and the air duct.
Scoutmasters Guelda and Meek paused for a photo.

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