Troop 868 in Action
(Saturday, November 9, 2013)

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Collecting the food is a full-day job.  We collect for 3~4 hours then take a break for lunch before resuming collection efforts.  While the scouts are out collecting during the afternoon, the "mom squad" is busy at the Community Center sorting, counting, and re-boxing.

The last step in the process is delivering the food to local pantries.  There are two local churches that operate programs were families needing assistance can receive it, so we divide our collection between them.  Part of what we collect is delivered to First Baptist Church in Shepherdsville and the rest to Trinity Life Center, also in Shepherdsville.

Scouts from Pack 868 and Troop 868, parents, and even a few siblings all lined up for pizza.   Pack moms Patty Stanfill (in red baseball cap) and Heather Hall poured drinks for Noah, Dawson, and others who were lined up.
Thomas, Gavin, and Matthew all chowed down on pizza. After the lunch break, scouts were back into neighborhoods resuming food collection.  Here we have Andrew.
Nicholas with Pack 868 Webelos Scout Connor. Kenneth.
Noah. Preston.
A scout delivers groceries to First Baptist Church in Shepherdsville. Scouts in the basement at First Baptist.  At the end of the day Dawson and Adam were a bit punchy.  Nicholas, however, remains focused.
At the Community Center, the troop truck gets loaded to make a delivery to Trinity Life Center church. Preston is still having a good time, even after a long day of work.  He is followed by Nicholas.
Troop 868 Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hageram followed by Preston. Troop 868 Scoutmaster Bob Meek flanked by Pack 868 Tiger Leader Tamara Seadler and Pack 868 Bear Leader Scott Hall.
Adam and Nicholas delivering boxes of groceries to Trinity Life Center. Troop 868 Assistant Scoutmaster Martin Moore.