Troop 868 in Action

Summer Camp @ Camp Russell (July, 2003)

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Departing Camp Russell on Saturday morning, we drove westward across New York state to Niagara Falls.  We crossed the border into Canada then made a 3-hour stop for sightseeing before continuing on to Toronto where we once again "camped" indoors; this time at Saint Luke's United Church.

On Sunday morning we worshipped at Saint Luke's then toured the castle at Casa Loma.  On Sunday afternoon we returned to the United States and spent the night inside Old Fort Niagara.  The leaders were concerned that scouts may be too tired by this point to enjoy the educational program offered at the Fort, but our staff hosts were excellent and our visit to Fort Niagara turned out to be a wonderful finish that everyone enjoyed.

We departed Fort Niagara mid-morning on Monday July 28 and began a long, 14-hour drive back to Shepherdsville.  We had been joined by a third father, so we were able to rotate bus drivers every couple of hours for safety.  We pulled into the church lot shortly before 1 AM on Tuesday morning to be greeted by a crowd of parents anxious to claim their sons.  It was truly an excellent trip.

A rainbow formed in the mist of Niagara Falls is clearly visibile in this photo. John, Tim, Alex, and Stephen pose with Niagara Falls as a background.
A couple from Florida whose son is an Eagle Scout snapped this photo of Scoutmaster Meek. Mr. McClure stands beside the troop bus at Niagara Falls.
Saint Luke's United Church in downtown Toronto hosted us overnight during our time in Canada. The troop attended worship at Saint Luke's on Sunday morning.
A group shot taken from the parking lot upon our arrival at Casa Loma shows the castle's size. Patrick, Chris, Stephen, and Dave by a fountain in the castle's magnificent garden.
Our first tour guide at Old Fort Niagara described the life of a soldier in 1812. Alex takes his turn "at bat" as the guys try a game played by soldiers in the early 19th century.
Our guide the next morning showed the boys where and how soldiers stationed at the fort slept. He also showed the guys how bread was baked and meat was preserved in the late 1700's.

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