Troop 868 in Action

Summer Camp @ Camp Russell (July, 2003)

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We arrived in Mohawk, NY after dark on Thursday night and once again camped indoors in the social hall at Mohawk United Methodist Church.  We used the church as our base of operations for 3 nights.  On Friday we toured the Remington Arms Company plant in nearby Ilion, NY and dug "Herkimer Diamond" crystals from a quarry.  On Saturday we visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  After morning worship at the church on Sunday, we headed to Camp Russell.

Tim digs through the rocks to load up the sifting trays for his partners. Stephen sifts for "Herkimer Diamonds" --- crystals that naturally form in the shape of cut diamonds.
Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY where tradition holds the game of baseball was first played. It's easy to pick out John, our most avid baseball fan, in this photo --- he's the one with the widest grin.
Mohawk United Methodist Church in Mohawk, NY. Stephen and Tim square off for checkers on Friday night.  Andrew observes and advises.
Other boys play chess and Monopoly in the absence of a TV and VCR. James works to assemble a paper model of an aircraft carrier.
The boys are all still asleep on Saturday morning before the Scoutmaster ends their slumber! The troop is in class "A" uniform on Sunday morning  waiting to go upstairs for the worship service.

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