Troop 868 in Action

Summer Camp @ Camp Russell (July, 2003)

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After a final visit to the museum and souvenier shops in Gettysburg, we drove to the "sweetest place on earth" --- Hershey, PA and spent Tuesday afternoon at Hershey Park. We were so busy riding roller coasters that we forgot to take any photos!

On Wednesday morning we headed for Philadelphia where we were graciously hosted overnight at Girard College.  We saw the Liberty Bell and toured Independence Hall on Wednesday afternoon.  We had planned to tour the U.S. Mint on Thursday morning, but were told that tours had been stopped due to security concerns, so we enjoyed the swimming pool and other recreational facilities at Girard College instead.

Waiting in line to get in to see the Liberty Bell. Posing in front of the famous Liberty Bell.
The building behind is the old Pennsylvania State House, better known as Independence Hall. In the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution was forged.
A view of the room where Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Madison and others laid the foundation of the United States of America. Senators Tim and Dave take seats in the chamber where the U.S. Senate first met.
The boys enjoyed the cafeteria food at Girard College. As Chris (on floor) and Dave demonstrate, the sleeping arrangements weren't bad, either!
A dip in the pool that included a game of water basketball was also a big hit. The guys pose with Mr. Jim Wiant, our host at Girard College, on the steps of the building where we stayed.

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