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Summer Camp @ Resica Falls (July, 2006)

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But the rafting trip was far from over.  The lower New River provided almost non-stop rapids of various sizes.  And, as one might expect, it ended with a nice long Class 5 just a short distance upstream from the takeout point.

Dave signals "thumbs up" while Philip seems to be doing a Nixon impersonation? Raft #1 enters the last big rapid ... piece of cake.
Steady does it ... get ready to paddle ... No problem at all for these experienced rafters.
Everybody hang on tight ... Look closely now ... we seem to be missing Patrick ...
There he is!  Swim, Patrick, swim... Now it's raft #2's turn ...
Ouch ... that must have hurt. But at least they made it through with a full crew ...
Oh, wait ... you mean there's more??? Are you sure we're supposed to be going this fast?
Is the boat supposed to be up on its side like this? OK, ride's over ... everybody out of the water and help carry the raft back to the truck.

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