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Summer Camp @ Resica Falls (July, 2006)

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After Sunday School and morning worship, it was time to change back into our class B uniforms and head for an afternoon of whitewater rafting on the Lower New River, one of the best whitewater rivers in the country.  We had enough participants to fill two rafts and both our tour guides were outstanding.  Despite overcast skies and frequent drizzle, we navigated multiple Class 3, 4, and 5 rapids and had a GREAT time.  The water was warm enough that most of the scouts accepted the guides' challenge to jump in and swim through a couple of the smaller rapids.

Adam (bending over), Nick, Philip, Tim, Trey, Stephen, Patrick, and Clinton prepare to move out. Scoutmaster Meek briefs the troop on plans for the afternoon.
At the rafting company's check-in base, scouts outfitted themselves with floatation vests and helmets. Adam and Nick get ready.
OK, men, it's in the water ... now what do we do? Look at all those smiling faces ... if only they knew what lay ahead just beyond the first bend in the river ...
Is the water supposed to look this choppy? This isn't so bad after all ...
Oh, golly ... Bring it on!!!
Philip seems to have enjoyed it, but we're not too sure about Chris' expression? No, they didn't all fall out ... these guys thought the guides were serious about jumping out of the boat.
The water's warm ... this is really pretty refreshing. Do you think it was an oversight that the guides forgot to mention these rapids?

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