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CAMP ROTARY (January 2009)

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Before departing on a night hike, the group assembles to hear Mr. Meek's annual story about a scout getting lost on a hike. On Sunday morning, Scoutmaster Meek shows the Webelos how to adjust the spacing of the clips on the flag pole rope.
Alex lets Spencer and Austin practice before calling the troop into formation for morning flag raising. Scouts and leaders stand in formation and salute as the flag is raised.
SPL Alex then informs the group that the next activity will be a worship service at the camp's campfire ring. In the absence of the troop's Chaplain Aide, Alex filled in to deliver the sermon, complete with props supplied by Adam.
Stephen, Mr. McClure, Nick, Chase, and Spencer (at far right) during the worship service. Webelos Cub Scouts Austin, Conor, and Christopher sat together. 
After the worship service, Austin rekindled one of the fires from smoldering embers. Mr. Burden and Mr. Hagerman then supervised the Webelos in burning most of our combustible garbage from the weekend.
Stephen and Alex were in charge of cabin cleanup and sweeping.  They were proud of the job they did.  We were too! The last order of business is always to lower the flag.  Webelos Chris and Chase performed color guard duty.

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