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CAMP ROTARY (January 2009)

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In a large open field, the Webelos learned the basics of using a compass and how to take bearings. Then everyone paired up to navigate an orienteering course.  Mr. Hagerman worked with Preston while Nick worked with Chris.
Stephen, Spencer, and Adam work on their bearings as Alex checks the bearing taken by Austin. Scott takes a bearing and plots his course as Clinton looks over his shoulder to check his reading.
One can almost hear Austin and Alex thinking, "Where in the world are those guys going???" After being outdoors in the cold, hot cocoa is always popular.
Daniel Burden, Jeff Hagerman, Stephen Guelda, and Patrick McClure enjoy a game of cards inside the cabin. Webelos Cub Scouts (Clockwise starting at 9 o'clock) Spencer, Christopher, Chase, Conor, Scott, Preston, and Austin. 
In a first aid class, Alex demonstrates the universal sign for choking as Nick narrates and Jon observes. Preston appears ready to see Scoutmaster Meek administer some back blows to SPL Alex
Next, the boys got to see Nick apply a leg splint to "accident victim" Adam using several scout neckerchiefs. Clinton Vissers, Jr. and Clinton, III built a nice fire in the smaller cabin where the adults slept; leaving the big cabin to the boys.

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