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For the entire 3-day Derby Weekend, the troop's "Mom Squad" handles sales while scouts are on hand to carry purchases to customers' vehicles and keep the plants watered.  Troop fathers help with setup, take-down, overnight security, and erecting signage around town.

Mrs. McClure pulled cashier duty early Friday morning.  We opened for business at 7:00 AM and were busy all day. Mrs. Senn worked as cashier at another check-out station.
A customer browses more than 300 hanging baskets in our public sales area early Friday morning. Scouts Adam and Nick help Mrs. Kmiec search for plants to fill an order from our advance orders area.
Scouts Vincent and Chris pause for a photo with some baskets suspended from an overhead rope. A customer browsed a good selection of plants still available early Sunday afternoon.
Troop Committee Chair Angie Mikesell helped scouts unload the troop truck following a re-supply run to the greenhouse. Troop moms Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Kmiec, and Mrs. McClure offered assistance to two shoppers.

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