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At Cimarroncito, the last staffed camp where we camped on our itinerary, our crew enjoyed rock climbing and an afternoon nature hike through Hidden Valley up to Window Rock.

Lunch was typically eaten somewhere along the trail.  Unlike dinners, trail breakfasts and lunches did not require any cooking. Our entire crew attended Chapel services in base camp both before and after our trek.  On the Sunday during our trek, Troop Chaplain Aid Alex led a worship service for our crew.
At Cimarroncito we got to do some rock climbing up the face of a mountain.  Pictured are Alex and Jon. After reaching the top, scouts then got to rappel back down.  This photo features Clinton.
Also at Cimarroncito we took a staff-led nature hike that pointed out many interesting facts about the ecology of Philmont. The nature hike took us through Hidden Valley.
The nature hike ended at Window Rock which provided us with one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of our trek. Naturally, a few members of our crew had to climb even higher.
Many of the trails were rugged and some at the higher elevations were just downright rocky. One of our guys (who came with a pair of already well-worn boots) experienced blowouts in the soles of both feet and had to borrow a pair of camp shoes from another boy to finish the hike.

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