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Summer Camp Trip 2007 (June, 2007)
Owasippe Scout Reservation

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On Thursday morning we took a tour of Henry Ford's famous Rouge Auto Plant.  Modern assembly practices are used today, so raw materials no longer roll in one end and finished automobiles out the other, but the plant is still fascinating.  Photos weren't permitted inside the plant but were allowed in the gallery area at the end of the tour.

We then spent Thursday afternoon at Greenfield Village.  Henry Ford created this rather unique outdoor museum to bring structures of historical importance together in one place where they could be enjoyed and, more importantly, preserved for future generations to see.  We got to ride in real Model T cars, horse drawn carriages, and a train pulled by a real steam engine --- not a reproduction.  We also got to see Daniel Webster's home, George Washington Carver's cabin, and Thomas Edison's famous Menlo Park laboratory where the first successful incandescent light bulb was invented; as well as the stock ticker, the phonograph, motion pictures, and hundreds of other inventions both large and small.

On Friday morning we packed up and said farewell to Dearborn as we motored westward all the way across the lower peninsula of Michigan to reach Owasippe Scout Reservation located between the two small towns of Whitehall and Twin Lake.

We arrived at mid-afternoon and spent the rest of the day getting moved into our campsite and settled in for the coming week.  Mr. Meek took a couple of scouts working on the Cooking Merit Badge with him on a grocery shopping trip into Whitehall.  After a busy week of sightseeing, everyone enjoyed an opportunity to relax in camp.

On Saturday morning the entire group hiked one of the camp trails to Chief Owasippe's gravesite.  Upon arriving at the site, we were surprised to find the burial mound covered with dozens and dozens of different artifacts.  We learned that tradition holds it is a sign of respect to contribute something that the departed may be able to use in the afterlife.

At the end of the Rouge Plant Tour, scouts enjoyed looking at some of the most famous models the Ford Motor Company has produced over the years.
Mr. Davis, Trey, and Tim in front of the 20 millionth Model T produced. Thanks to a helpful Ford Factory tour host, the entire group managed to get into this picture.
At Greenfield Village, Gabe and Clinton share a ride in a real model T with Mr. Davis. The upper floor of Thomas Edison's Menlo Park laboratory where he invented the light bulb.
This house may not look special, but at one time it was the only house in the world to have electric lights. Wiring secured in place by wooden blocks screwed to the walls and ceiling.  
One can learn all sorts of interesting things by reading the signs on the displays. Back at the church that night, Jon and Clinton cooked burgers on two charcoal grills.
Carrying coolers from the bus to picnic tables at rest areas had become a routine.  Nick and Dylan share the load on this day. Like pigs at the trough, no one hangs back when there's lunch to be had.
Stephen, Jon, Trey, Tim, and Mr. Davis hike along the trail to Chief Owasippe's grave. Scouts gather in respect around the burial mound that is covered with dozens of contributed items.

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