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Summer Camp Trip 2007 (June, 2007)
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After stowing our gear at the church and grabbing a quick lunch, our first stop of the afternoon was Laser Quest.  We played a total of 4 games and had a blast.  The Tuesday afternoon crowd was pretty light and we invited the walk-in customers to join our games.  The management could not have been more accommodating and we would definitely recommend this activity to other troops.

After Laser Quest, we headed over to Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.  This was a game arcade that featured vintage pinball and carnival machines as well as some more modern video games.  The walls and ceilings were adorned with vintage carnival posters and dozens of model airplanes circled overhead on a moving track system.  Admission was free and all the machines accepted quarters, so there was no need to purchase tokens.  We gave each scout $5 in quarters and everyone had a blast for about 2 hours.

We left Marvin's late afternoon to visit the local YMCA in Dearborn Heights were we had arranged to let the boys go swimming and grab a good hot shower before having a late dinner on our way back to the church.  But the guys enjoyed swimming so much that we ended up staying at the Y until nearly 10 PM.  Then, upon leaving, we discovered that the headlights on the troop bus weren't working.  Mr. Meek and Mr. Davis diagnosed the problem as a brown dimmer switch and managed to jury-rig a temporary fix, but without the right tools the impromptu repair took over an hour.  By this time, all the restaurants were closing.  The boys voted to skip dinner and return directly to the church where some snacked on lunch leftovers but most opted to go directly to bed.  One thing Scouting strives to teach is how to adopt and effectively deal with any emergency; so this incident was a good lesson for the scouts on keeping clam and using your head and the resources at your disposal to deal with an unexpected problem.

The following day was spent visiting the Henry Ford Museum.  The museum's collection was so interesting and diverse that everyone named something different when we later asked the boys what they had liked the best.  Anyone who came expecting to find only automobiles would have been very surprised to also find massive steam engines, steam-powered tractors, airplanes, trains, furniture, displays about electric power and mass production, and even a prototype of a pre-fabricated house! 

(Back): Mr. Davis, Trey, Tim, Alex, Stephen, Philip, Mr. Meek
(Front):  Connor, Jon, Dylan, Adam, Gabe, Nick, and Clinton.
At Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum Adam and Nick enjoyed the vintage pinball games.
Stephen, however, preferred a more modern full motion jet ski game. Philip and Alex check out some kind of video game.
Mr. Davis got several of the boys interested in an older fortune-telling machine. At the Henry Ford Museum, Clinton and Dylan take a look at Goldenrod, the car that set a land speed record of 409.277 mph on Nov 12, 1965.  The record stood over 25 years until 1991.
Many exhibits were "hands on" experiences.  Dylan is hand cranking an electric generator to see how many 40-watt bulbs he can light and keep burning. Connor, Alex, and Gabe found some kind of musical karaoke exhibit to be of interest.
The entire group enjoyed playing with Legos.
Sikorsky's first successful helicopter. Most people don't know that at one time Ford built airplanes as well as cars.  The Ford tri-motor plane was quite a success.
Scouts got to see a number of historic and classic automobiles including the famous Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. Connor and Gabe pose in front of the presidential limo in which JFK was riding with the removable top off when he was shot.

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