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Summer Camp Trip 2007 (June, 2007)
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Monday began with a hearty pancake breakfast before heading over to Cedar Point for a day of riding roller coasters and other rides.  At the theme park, scouts were allowed to wander at will so long as they were always with a buddy.  We kept in contact via FRS radio.  Three distinct groups soon emerged -- the thrill ride seekers, those who preferred the milder rides, and those who rode very little.  Waiting lines for most attractions were reasonable (generally not more than 15 minutes) but times for several of the "jumbo" rides were much longer.  Some of our guys waited nearly 2 hours for one of the showcase rides.  We had purchased meal vouchers for all the boys, so they could grab lunch and dinner on their own schedule.  Cedar Point was clean and the ride operators were all friendly and obviously focused on safety -- making sure seat belts and safety bars were all locked into place.  But the park didn't feature much in the way of shows to entertain those who weren't into rides.  A combination video/laser/pyrotechnics show at closing was quite impressive.

On Tuesday morning we departed Sandusky and drove a couple of hours north to Dearborn, Michigan where First United Methodist Church had agreed to house us for 3 nights while we visited the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  We arrived in Dearborn right about noon and had a quick lunch at the church before heading out for some afternoon fun.

The day began with a breakfast of pancakes at the church. Scouts grouped together based on common interest of the types of rides they wanted to ride.
Stephen, Trey, Tim, and Alex were among the avid thrill seekers. (L to R): Tim, Stephen (hidden), Trey, Alex, Jon, and Philip
Jonathan (left photo) and Trey (right photo) both enjoyed taking a spin on antique automobiles.
Old favorites like the bumper cars were just as appealing to the boys as the elaborate roller coasters. "Sheriff" McClure finally managed to get control of "hoodlums" Trey, Stephen, and Jon.  But SM Meek granted them a pardon.
Assistant Scoutmaster Chuck Davis and Clinton found a comfortable bench to sit and observe the world. All strapped in and ready to go sailing through the air.
According to Alex and Jon, no visit would be complete without a giant snow cone and a touch of brain freeze. As closing time nears, the group gathers to wait for the light show to begin.
First United Methodist Church in Dearborn, Michigan allowed us to sleep in their social hall for 3 nights.   Scouts gathered around the serving table to make sandwiches during our first meal at First UMC in Dearborn.

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