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Summer Camp Trip 2007 (June, 2007)
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In addition to featuring two 18-hole miniature golf courses and a game room, Goofy Golf in Sandusky also featured two different go-kart tracks and a bumper boat pool.  Both of these latter activities were a big hit with both boys and leaders.  We purchased "do it all" tickets so every scout (except one who was too short for the larger go-karts) was able to do every activity.

Later on Sunday afternoon we went bowling.  Even though no one was celebrating a birthday, we purchased their party package that included 2 hours of unlimited bowling, unlimited soft drinks, and pizza.  

Lined up at the starting line were (Left) Tim and Mr. Davis, (Center) Trey and Stephen, and (Right) Alex and Philip. Philip hugs the wall on one turn to prevent Trey from passing.
Mr. Davis keeps the heat on Tim. Stephen (naturally driving the M&Ms car) managed to pull away from the pack.
The bumper boats were nearly as much fun as the go-karts and an "island" provided a good place to try to trap other boaters. Clinton takes aim at Tim's who has just crashed into someone else.
Philip, Stephen, and Adam are locked in a 3-way pushing match. Alex tries to steer his boat away from a gridlock.
There just wasn't anywhere to hide! Adam definitely seems to be going after someone!
Only a couple of the scouts were regular bowlers, but everyone did a good job learning then exhibiting "bowler etiquette." Nick rolled one down the lane.  
Trey, Alex, and Stephen wait and watch as a teammate bowls. Gabe enjoyed pizza at the bowling alley as much as the bowling.

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