Troop 868 in Action

(March 18~20, 2011)

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Knowing everyone would be hungry after the hike, all the patrols had planned good dinners for Saturday night.  Since we managed to finish the hike around 5 PM, all the groups had plenty of time to prepare dinner in the daylight.  No one was interested in a doing a campfire program, so we all went to bed early and got a good night's rest.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, Scoutmaster Meek and Mr. Guelda took the troop truck to drive to the other trailhead and bring back the bus while everyone else began breaking camp.  When they returned, the troop gathered for a worship service before having lunch, completing our take-down, and departing for home.  On the way out of the forest, we stopped to visit the grave of Lt. Nathan McClure, for whom the trail is named.  Less than 30 minutes after we had got back underway, rain moved in.  But the weather had been clear, warm, and beautiful the entire time we had been in camp.  It was a great outing.

Patrols tried to separate themselves as much as possible given the relatively small campsites in the public campground. Thomas, Dylan, Nicholas, Adam, Toby, and Assistant Scoutmaster Stephen Guelda in the Beaver Patrol campsite.
Connor and Adam working on cooking dinner for the Falcon Patrol. Tyler mixing up some iced tea for Saturday night dinner in the Falcons.
Scoutmaster Bob Meek delivered the devotional message during a Sunday morning worship service in camp. Scouts posing next to a Nathan McClure Trail sign located at the back of the Little Lick Campground.
The group stopped to visit the grave of Lt. Nathan McClure for whom the trail is named. Mr. Meek told the boys about Bee Rock (on the hillside in the background) and the scouts wanted to see it.