Troop 868 in Action
NASA: Spring Break Trip
(Wednesday~Sunday, April 3~7, 2013)

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After leaving Burritt on the Mountain, we stopped for dinner at CiCi's Pizza Buffet (which all the boys enjoyed).  We then headed over to the fairgrounds to launch our model rockets.  The sun was beginning to set, so we had to launch quickly before it became fully dark and impossible to see the rockets come down.  Most of the rockets launched successfully at least twice, but a few had malfunctions.  One or two blew up on the launch pad.  Being teens, the scouts enjoyed the failures as much as the successes.

Back at the youth house, scouts had their first opportunity to enjoy the game room.  They played table tennis and pool.  Other scouts organized a card game on the floor in the sleeping room.  A couple of the adults settled in chairs in the living room to watch the NCAA men's college basketball semi-finals and root for the University of Louisville Cardinals.

Kenneth, Gavin, and Andrew shared a table at CiCi's Pizza. Dawson, Noah, and Andrew.
Scouts lined up as Scoutmaster Meek setup the launch pad and prepared the first rocket for launching. This successful launch left behind a trail of smoke.
This photo managed to capture the model rocket engine as it ignited.  The rockets life off very quickly once the engine ignites. This is one of the rockets that disintegrated on the launch pad due to incorrect or poor assembly.
Assistant Scoutmaster Hagerman, a pretty fair player, played a game against Brixton. Kenneth, Dylan, Zach, Ronnie, Matthew, Nicholas, and Andrew played a friendly game of poker.
Brixton takes a shot while Gavin and Dylan pose for the camera.   Assistant Scoutmaster Martin Moore indulged in his favorite past-time --- weaving survival bracelets from parachute cord.