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NASA  (March 30~April 1, 2009)

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Everyone particularly enjoyed the rocket-making workshop (technically, the Propulsion Lab) at the Space Center.  After the rockets were completed, we went outside to launch them using compressed air. The launch pad was able to fire off up to 6 rockets in close succession.  Several of the rockets flew well; others blew apart and never got off the pad when the compressed air was injected!

On our way home, we made an unscheduled detour to visit nearby Crystal Caverns.  Though not nearly as large as Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, the cave was big and there were a lot more formations than in Mammoth Cave.  The cave was well worth driving an hour out of our way to stop and tour it.

Nick mounts his rocket onto a launching mechanism outside behind the visitors' center. The compressed air launching system propelled the rockets a couple of hundred feet high.  A few blew apart on the pad!
The entire group watched intently for the launch as our NASA tour guide gave a countdown.
Gabe, Austin, Spencer, and Cody prepare to meet NASA's climbing wall. A bit later, Chase made a steady climb toward the top.
Nick (at left) and Jon (at right) flew a Space Shuttle flight simulator to determine if they could guide a returning Shuttle to a safe landing.  Jon was successful.  Scoutmaster Meek crashed 4 times in a row.  And we let this man drive the Troop bus???
At Crystal Caverns.  Back row (L to R):  Kraig, Gabe, Cody, Brandon, and Connor.  Front row (L to R):  Spencer, Dylan, Austin, Scott, Chase, Jon, Adam, Nick, Dalton, and Preston.   (L to R) Scoutmaster Bob Meek, Spencer, Dylan, Austin, Chase, Brandon, Scott, Connor, Kraig, Cody, Dalton, Jon, Nick, Preston, Adam, and Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman.

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