What are the basic knots that Scouts will learn to tie?                                                                   You were correct if your answer was (1) Square Knot, (2) Bowline, (3) Clove Hitch, (4) Sheet Bend, (5) Two Half Hitches, and (6) Taut Line.                                                                                                    

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Membership in Boy Scouting is open to any boy 11~18 years old.  Cub Scouts who have completed the Webelos program and earned the Arrow of Light Award may crossover into Boy Scouting at age 10. 

Boy Scout rank advancement requirements are set by the BSA's National Council and are the same everywhere.   But program emphasis and operational policies vary greatly from unit to unit.  For that reason, Troop 868 encourages prospective members to visit several area troops and select a unit where both the boy and his parents feel comfortable before joining.  Prospective members are always welcome to attend any weekly troop meeting without cost or obligation.  However, due to liability concerns and insurance requirements, membership is required for participation in outings.

Once a boy and his parents have selected Troop 868, joining is easy.  Basically, the parent/guardian must complete the official BSA Membership application (that may be obtained from the Scoutmaster) and pay an initial joining fee of $25.  This fee covers the boy's registration, a subscription to Boys' Life magazine, and a few other incidentals such as an official troop neckerchief.  The fee is the same for all boys, regardless of the time of year they join or if they are transitioning from Cub Scouts.

Parents who wish to come on board as leaders must fill out a BSA Adult Leader Application and pay a small initial registration fee.  Committee members are not required to purchase a uniform, but Assistant Scoutmasters (and those committee members who regularly accompany the troop on outings) are expected to set a proper example and "walk the talk" by becoming fully uniformed.  Adults wishing to join the Scoutmaster staff are also required to complete a series of Boy Scout Leader Basic Training courses offered by the local Council or District.  Troop 868 believes that "every scout deserves a trained leader."

Information on meeting time and place can be found on our home page and a brief history of the troop can be found on the About Troop 868 page.  Our troop rules and operating policies have been compiled into a Troop 868 Handbook that is provided to each new member family.  The handbook may be viewed on-line by clicking on the hyperlink or it may be downloaded as a *.PDF file by clicking here.

For more information about Boy Scouting in general, check out the official web site of the Boy Scouts of America at www.bsa.scouting.org.

For questions specific to Troop 868, click here to send us email.