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Summer Camp @ Camp Marriott (July, 2005)

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On Friday morning we boarded the troop bus and drove to George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon where we had arranged for a guided tour, lunch at the Mt. Vernon Inn, and an afternoon visit to a restored (and operational) grist mill.  From the mansion to the slave quarters to Washington's famous 12-sided barn, there was a lot to see at Mount Vernon and we spent the greater part of the day wandering the grounds.  Our group was also permitted to participate in a special wreath-laying ceremony at Washington's tomb.

On Friday evening we linked up with members of our group who weren't able to attend the pre-trip in DC but were joining us for our upcoming week of summer camp at Camp Marriott.  We asked our local host to join us and we all went out and had a great Chinese dinner our last night in Washington followed by an evening drive around DC aboard the troop bus.  We also did laundry so that we'd all have clean clothes for Camp Marriott.

On the grounds at Mount Vernon. Listening to our tour guide explain that the tomb in the background was Washington's original resting place.
Scoutmasters Davis and Meek check out the latrine.  In Washington's day is was called "the necessary." It featured 3 seats ... not exactly the privacy standards Americans expect today.
Scouts Jeremy (left) and Joe placed a wreath in Washington's tomb in a special ceremony. Troop Chaplain Aide Vincent read a prayer for the United States written by Washington in 1793.
Scoutmaster Meek poses with J.D. and Clinton at a monument erected in honor of Washington's slaves. Tim, Stephen, and Joe pose in front of a mural depicting Washington's early work as a surveyor.
Patrick learns to crack corn on the working farm at Mount Vernon. A charming young historical interpreter gets Clinton (and later J.D.) to help hoe in the garden.
Trey, Alex, and Jeremy enjoy the elegance of lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn.  (The food was good, too!)  A working gristmill, rebuilt on the site of Washington's mill, was the last stop on our Mount Vernon tour.
Before going inside, we get a history lesson about the mill and the income it generated for Washington. Inside, the miller started it up and we got to see corn being ground for cattle feed.
Freshly laundered uniform shorts and other clothing is sorted and returned to scouts by ASM Davis. "OK, fess up guys ... who wears this lovely purple underwear?"

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