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Summer Camp @ Camp Marriott (July, 2005)

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On Wednesday, once again thanks to help from Senator Mitch McConnell's office, we were able to get a tour of the White House mid-morning.  (We weren't allowed to bring cameras into the White House and there was no place to check them, so we didn't bother to bring them with us.  Hence, this day of our trip wasn't documented with photos.)  Many of the scouts were surprised that the White House was neither as large nor as grand as they had imagined and many of them were rather disappointed.  We spent Wednesday afternoon at the International Spy Museum, one of the few attractions we visited that were not government operated, and a definite hit with the boys.  On Wednesday evening we attended the weekly troop meeting of local Boy Scout Troop 100.

On Thursday morning we rolled out early to get a good spot in line for tickets to the Washington Monument, Bureau of Engraving & Printing, and the Holocaust Museum.  After securing tickets to each venue, we visited a display operated by the U.S. Forest Service before touring the Bureau of Engraving & Printing to see U.S. currency being printed.  Shortly before noon we met with Senator McConnell and had our photo taken with him by the Senate Photographer on the steps of the Capitol.  We then visited the Holocaust Museum (we wished we had had more time to spend there) before it was time for our visit to the Washington Monument.  Riding to the top of the Washington Monument wasn't all that exciting.  The view through the windows at the top was good, but not breathtaking.  The steps were closed for security reasons, so we got a very brief look at the blocks donated by the states from the elevator on the way down, but didn't have the opportunity to really look at them in detail.  This was disappointing and our visit wasn't all that thrilling, but touring the Monument is one of the things that all tourists are expected to do!  On our way back to Metropolitan United Methodist late Thursday afternoon we stopped to visit the National Cathedral.  The building was massive and impressive, both inside and out.  Everyone in our group, both Catholics and non-Catholics, were awed.

A robotic Smokey greeted visitors to the National Forest Service. Scouts grabbed seats wherever they could find them to watch informational Forest Service videos.
Asst Scoutmaster Chuck Davis handed out brochures as we waited to see U.S. currency being printed. On the steps of the Bureau of Engraving & Printing following our tour.
Posing around a fountain in front of the Library of Congress.  The scouts didn't want to go inside. The U.S. Supreme Court (complete with some protesters opposed to capital punishment).
Entering the Holocaust Museum, we passed through metal detectors for what seemed like the 100th time.   Waiting at the Capitol to meet Senator McConnell, scouts conversed with two Capitol Police Officers.
On the steps of the Capitol with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell are (L to R) Scoutmaster Bob Meek, troop parent Jim Smith, Asst Scoutmaster Chuck Davis, and scouts Tim, Stephen, Philip, Patrick, Dave, Joe, J.D., and (front row) Jeremy, Alex, Chris, Trey, Clinton, and Vincent.
The Lincoln Memorial and the Reflection Pool as viewed from the top of the Washington Monument. Vincent and Joe at one of the windows in the Washington Monument. 
Scouts enjoy seeing a boat being hand crafted at an outdoor fair on the National Mall. Entering the National Cathedral. 
Inside the National Cathedral, David wondered if his camera could capture a sense of its magnificence.  The alter at the front of the main sanctuary inside the National Cathedral.

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