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Summer Camp @ Camp Marriott (July, 2005)

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We spent Monday exploring the Smithsonian Air & Space and Native American Cultures Museums, ate a wonderful Mongolian dinner in Chinatown, then visited the World War II, Vietnam, and Lincoln Memorials after dinner.

J.D., Chris, and Clinton were fascinated by the detail of a scale model of the U.S.S. Enterprise aircraft carrier at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Scoutmaster Meek was more interested in a 23rd century Enterprise --- the 800 pound model used in filming the Star Trek TV series.
Scouts enjoy a display of kayaks and canoes in the lobby of the Native American Cultures Museum. (Clockwise):  J.D., Mr. Davis, Trey, Vincent, Jeremy, Tim, Stephen, Dave, Joe, Patrick, Alex, and Chris.
We happened upon the HQ of the Department of Education and couldn't resist taking a photo. We hiked several blocks to Chinatown and decided to have dinner at Tony Chen's Mongolian Restaurant.
This turned out to be a great experience and even those who claimed they didn't like Chinese food had a great dinner.  So much so that we dined at another Chinese restaurant later in the week.
It was getting dark by the time we left the restaurant and walked past the Washington Monument. The World War II Memorial was awesome at night.
The troop posed in front of the famous statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument is at the opposite end of the Reflection Pool from the Lincoln Memorial.

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