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(February 25, 2012)
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Since all scheduling is done in advance, most boys are able to get to where they need to be without any difficulty; and behavior problems are rare.  The scouts who come to MBU understand that they are there to work and to learn; that MBU is not a day of play.  This year, as in previous years, we received numerous compliments from counselors after the event about how attentive and cooperative the scouts in their classes acted.  This is undoubtedly why the vast majority of our counselors are anxious to return year after year.  A surprising number of our counselors have been participating in the program from it's very first year!

Just like at school, there are as many different desk arrangements and teaching styles as there are counselors, but learning takes place in every classroom.  
Scouting in the Engineering MB class also built catapults, then tested them by launching small plastic "rocks" down the hallway. Bullitt County Sheriff's Detective Scotty McGaha counseled the Crime Prevention Merit Badge.
The vast majority of merit badge classes are a combination of counselor instruction (lecture), classroom project work, and individual testing to determine whether or not scouts have learned the material, mastered the skills, and fully completed the requirements.
Cooking Merit Badge is always a popular class.  Few scouts fully complete the badge at MBU, but the intent of Scoutmaster Steve Ostling and other leaders from Troop 163 who counselor the class is to inspire scouts into planning campout menus other than hot dogs and hamburgers.  The boys taking the class always enjoy the class, eat well, and leave with new ideas for campfire cooking.
Skating Merit Badge is both easy and fun for boys who already know how to skate.  The class is taught at the Shepherdsville Community Center where the smooth concrete floor provides an excellent surface for both roller or in-line skates.
Many bring in films, videos, or slideshows to incorporate into their class presentations and make full use of the technology available in the classrooms, including Internet access. The day doesn't end at 5:30 PM for Troop 868 scouts who, as hosts of the event, then have to clean up all the schools.  This includes emptying trash, mopping floors, and sweeping carpets.

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