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(February 26, 2011)
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In addition to the counselors who taught the merit badge classes, an army of more than 200 other volunteers helped to prepare and serve lunch to nearly 2,000 people, drove the buses and vans that transported scouts to off-site classes, and monitored the hallways to insure both scout safety and building security.  A relatively small crew of dedicated Troop 868 parents worked almost invisibly behind the scenes to direct and supervise the whole show; and to promptly address any special needs or concerns.

The fact that so many scout leaders and parents are willing to step in and help each year is what makes MBU possible.  There's no way that any one troop, regardless of its size, could possibly put on a program of this magnitude by itself.  MBU is a shining example of what good people can accomplish when they work together.

Troop 868 Treasurer Sean Spalding and Pack 868 Den Leader Vicki Dever spent the day in our on-site operations center. Volunteer scout leaders and parents spent much of the morning in the kitchen and cafeteria helping to prepare lunch.
When lunch time arrived, the name of the game was to keep the serving lines moving and get food into the hands of every scout with minimum time waiting in line.  Believe it or not, we managed to serve food to nearly 1,800 people in less than 10 minutes.
Multiple adult servers working multiple serving stations in two different school gymnasiums was we served a "stand up lunch" to so many people in such a short time.
Once boys had their food, they proceeded to find a place to eat.  Some headed for the bleachers; others elected to go outdoors and sit on the grass or sidewalks; others chose to squat on the gym floor where they could find a space.
Being used to perching on logs or squatting on the grass when camping, the scouts had no problems or complaints about the seating arrangements. Troop 868 scouts Dylan, Nick, and Adam managed to find a space on the bleachers.

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