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(February 26, 2011)
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Major support came once again from the Bullitt County Public School system and the principals and staff at four Bullitt County Schools:  Bullitt Lick Middle School, Shepherdsville Elementary School, Hebron Middle School, and the Bullitt County Area Technology Center. 

We believe our program is one of the largest programs of its kind in the entire country. Scouts from over 100 different troops attended MBU 2011.  Those units represented 6 different councils.  We had individual scouts come from as far away as North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado!  We had three boys in attendance who were striving to earn every available Boy Scout merit badge.  By the end of the day, all three of them had completed at least two more badges and left with more than 120 total badges earned thus far!  

PowerPoint presentations were commonly used to illustrate points that counselors wanted to make. Scouts in the Family Life Merit Badge class watched a video about dating and respecting women.
The Registration/Customer Service desk was staffed by Troop 868 Committee Members Chuck Hall, Andy Rodabaugh, Patrick McClure, and Melanie Douglas. This young man was making a presentation about his collection to earn the Collections Merit Badge.  The collection was being passed around the room as he spoke.
Cooking Merit Badge is always a popular class.  Few scouts actually complete the badge at MBU, but the intent of the counselors who teach it is really more to inspire the scouts into planning menus other than hot dogs and hamburgers.  Even though they don't leave with a completed merit badge, the boys taking the class always eat well and enjoy the class.
Scouts taking Engineering Merit Badge build catapults then take them out into the hallway to see how far they can propel various payloads.  In the photo at left, scouts are setting up their test range.  At right, they are preparing to launch.
Who is better qualified to counsel Citizenship in the Community MB than local Bullitt County Judge-Executive Melanie Roberts? Scouts in one of the Woodwork MB classes pose with the camp kitchen they have just finished making.
Access to the school computer labs made it possible for scouts to earn the Computers MB.  These scouts are working to earn the Art Merit Badge.

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