Troop 868 in Action
(February 2010)

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Dozens of scout leaders who brought their units to MBU pitch in each year to provide the manpower to serve lunch.  Multiple serving lines are set up in the gymnasium so that few people have to wait more than just a few minutes to get served.
Once they get their food, scouts can sit on the bleachers, take a seat on the floor, or go outside.  Being scouts, no one seems to mind the lack of tables or chairs.  And everyone does a great job of making sure their litter gets put into a trash can.
The Bullitt County Area Technology Center hosted several offsite classes and most of the regular teaching faculty volunteered to serve as MB counselors.  Automotive Maintenance (left photo) and First Aid (right photo) both met at the BC-ATC.
While scouts are busy in their classes, MBU also affords scout leaders a chance to visit with each other and exchange ideas.  Troop 868 views MBU as a cooperative venture; no one unit could possibly conduct a program of this magnitude without lots and lots of outside help and support from other units.  Good scout leaders tend to be active participants ... folks who like to get involved and help out.  Perhaps one of the secrets of MBU's success has been our willingness to welcome and solicit both the participation of others and their suggestions for making the program better each year.
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