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Counselor Patrick McClure (T-868) taught his Law MB class offsite at the Shepherdsville Community Center. Food coordinator Denise Guelda (T-868) discussed the lunch service plan with Mike Canchola (T-868) and another volunteer.

So, how many gallons of lemonade does this container make? These guys were obviously ready for a ketchup war! It's a successful meal when all the boys have been fed and there's food left over.
There was no way to feed 1,000 people in a reasonable amount of time in the school cafeteria, so we had a "find your own seat" lunch in the school gym.  Being used to sitting on the ground, logs, or wherever on campouts, the scouts had no trouble finding seats on the floor.  Spills were minimal and the boys left behind almost no litter.
Counselors from T-868:  Bob Woodward (Medicine), Jeff Brown (Plumbing), Ron Pressley (Woodwork), Tom Guelda (Plumbing), Mike DiEnno (E-Science), and Chuck Davis (Auto Mechanics). Counselors Russ Fallon (T-320, Nuclear Science), John Griffanti (T-377, Citz World), and Jim Berger (T-243, Communications) shared lunch conversation in the faculty dining room.
Steve Ostling (T-163) conducted his Cooking MB classes offsite in the kitchen at the Shepherdsville Community Center. By late afternoon, the number of scouts wanting to make schedule changes had dwindled and the registrars could relax.

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