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Counselors Jeff Brown and Tommy Guelda, both from Troop 868, counseled the Plumbing Merit Badge. These scouts seemed to enjoy Art MB.  The class was counseled by Julie Patterson and Katy Blancett from Troop 30.
Counselor Pete Womack used an LCD projector in his Weather MB class that met offsite at the American Red Cross building. Woodwork MB was also conducted offsite in a heated garage loaned by a T-868 parent.  Ron Pressley is the counselor. 
Counselor J. Lee Sharp instructs scouts about Archaeology MB before giving them a chance to really "dig into" the subject. Teaching wasn't all lecture.  Many counselors had scouts working in pairs or small groups as pictured here.
These scouts took a break from their assigned group task to pose for a photo. These students taking Engineering MB tested the catapult they had built.
Citizenship in the Nation counselor Rita Walker (Troop 303) is another MBU "tenured professor." Counselor Anne Allen brought in a foreign student from Indiana University to address the Citizenship in the World classes.

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