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Scouts taking Archaeology MB spent part of the class doing a practice dig. A woman from Afghanistan talked with scouts taking Citizenship in the World MB about life in her native country.
Scoutmaster Don Lenz counseled the First Aid MB. A scout takes a field sobriety test in the Traffic Safety MB class. Nature MB counselor Ivy Jones from the Ky Dept of Fish & Wildlife with scouts.
Scouts taking Engineering MB cut paper "helicopters" in preparation for a class project. Counselor Tom Guelda waited as a scout donned heavy work gloves before learning to thread pipe in the Plumbing MB class. 
Computer MB counselor David Neel assisted scouts working on an Excel spreadsheet project during class. Leatherwork counselor Steve Peyton helped a scout apply dye to his class project.
Classes are serious at MBU.  Even the CPR practice dummies had to sit up and pay attention in this First Aid MB class! Woodwork MB counselor Glenn Davis kept close watch as scouts drilled holes and screwed together a class project.

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