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Counselor Bill Spencer gets animated as he makes a point with boys taking the Electronics MB. Counselor David Rice discusses American Labor MB with a group of scouts.
Counselor Jerry Zimmerer talks with scouts about Personal Management MB. Citizenship in the World counselor Charlie Kowalczyk with students. Indian Lore Counselor Ed Garner is part Cherokee.
Counselor Tim Burton supervises and answers questions as scouts do some seat work in the Camping MB class. Counselor Pete Womack discusses chemical reactions with scouts taking Chemistry MB.
Counselor Clint Vissers discusses counterfeiting with scouts in his Coin Collecting MB class. Mike Gramig has counseled the Emergency Preparedness MB at MBU for many years.
Shepherdsville Police Sergeant Ken Bernardi showed scouts how to lift a fingerprint in the Fingerprinting MB class. Counselor Rita Walker hosts a game of "Constitution Jeopardy" during her Citizenship in the Nation course.

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