Troop 868 in Action

Merit Badge University 2006 -- Page 3

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Scouts taking Auto Mechanics with T-868 ASM Chuck Davis learned that some of the parts are underneath the vehicle. Scouts discussed Communications Merit Badge with counselor Jim Berger, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 243.
A scout working on Communications MB did some research for a 5-minute talk. Scouts worked on drawings in the Art merit badge class. Troop 868 ASM Clinton Vissers talked with scouts about Collections MB.
When they weren't eating, Shepherdsville Police Officers Ken Bernardi (left) and John Smothers counseled Traffic Safety and Crime Prevention.  Ken is an ASM with Troop 77. Troop 868 Scoutmaster Bob Meek chatted during lunch with some of the MBU "faculty" from Troop 30. 
Scouters Wayne Zinner (Space Ex), Jim Fitzgerald (Electricity), and John Haertzen (Family Life) visited over lunch. At the end of the Engineering MB class, students competed to hit a target by launching "missiles" from catapults.

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