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It just wouldn't be MBU without Troop 8 Scoutmaster "Professor" Steve Hess teaching Chemistry merit badge! Steve Peyton, manager of the Tandy Leather store in Louisville, counseled Leatherwork MB.  He had scouts cut and punch projects from tanned hides rather than use packaged kits
Troop 243 ASM Mac Barr counseled Personal Management merit badge. Joe Dowdle counseled the Architecture merit badge. Troop 377 ASM John Grifanti counseled Citizenship in the World.
Scouts taking Electricity MB worked in "patrols" to complete hands-on projects like wiring lights to switches and batteries. Personal Management is a tough subject, especially during the afternoon; which is why it's only recommended for older scouts.
Our Energy MB counselors from Eastern KY Power Co-Op brought along some "critters" found near rural power lines. Assured the snake was non-venomous and tame, this Troop 42 scout still didn't look all that convinced!
Troop 868 mom Angela Senn and Scoutmaster Bob Meek at the registration table on Saturday morning. An Evidence Technician from the Louisville Metro Police Dept counseled the Fingerprinting merit badge class.

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